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Marketing departments, consultants and part-time marketing employees benefit by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes which are then interpreted, stored and executed by software, which increases efficiency and reduces human error. The average single click through rate of the single sends was 3.0%, with the top 25% of all emails receiving 8.55%, and the bottom 25% only able to garner 0.3%. In comparison with these figures, the drip campaigns resulted in an average single click through rate of 10.05%, with the top 25% of all emails soaring to 27.35%, and the bottom 25% dropping down to 0.5%.

However, forwarding an email with an enticing or useful offer or piece of information only takes seconds and many users will do it. That means that your marketing effort has not only a wider reach but also a networked reach with people who, by forwarding the email, are now acting as your brand advocates.

Q1 2015 research by Yesmail found that average mobile open rate for marketing emails sent by its US CPG clients in Q1 2015 was 51.7%, and mobile click rate was 43.9%. Both figures were up from those reported by Yesmail in Q1 2014, when open rate on mobile averaged 49.5% and click rate 31.3%. Though mobile still trailed desktop for click-to-open rate in Q1 2015, at 16.4% vs. 22.4%, the former was up from 10.9% during the same quarter last year, while the latter was down from 23.4%.

Just as Goldilocks found when she was trying out the beds and dinners of the Three Bears, there’s a fine line between just right and too much, analysts say, and database fatigue – which happens when email recipients are overwhelmed by the contact and have grown tired of seeing your company name or letterhead – can be a real deterrent, even when you’re sending your smartest email marketing campaigns.

Once your announcements have gone out, you can come back and check your stats from both your emails and your social network shares, and see what interactions that campaign brought in. And if you need more professional features, there’s VerticalResponse Classic with deep integration with Salesforce for your most advanced marketing projects.

Gone are the days of placing an advertisement on television, on a diner placemat, or in a periodical with no control of who will see it. With email marketing, you have the ability to control exactly who sees an email by segmenting your contacts based on their lead status, demographics, location or any other data.

Some of the skillsets you should look for are: content marketing strategy, copywriting, digital marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, video production, in-depth social media know-how, paid advertising campaign experience, HTML/other coding languages, lead generation, email marketing, inbound marketing and other more niche skills that align with your business needs.

You can also view the statistics for your newsletters by going to Marketing Email > Manage Here you’ll see a quick preview of many of the metrics that you would look at to see how your newsletter is performing: sent, opens, unique opens, open rate, total clicks, CTR, opt-out/unsubscribe rate, and spam reports.

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With the evolution of marketing automation software, businesses can now reach, nurture, segment and personalize interactions with potential and current customers, allowing for highly individualized and targeted messaging. It’s certainly hard to find global stats of marketers that are now using automation software to integrate mobile wallet campaigns – I’d say it is still a small (single digit) percentage but the consumer data I shared shows that mobile wallet marketing (and automation of those experiences) is something Marketers can no longer ignore.

So we scanned hundreds of millions of emails delivered by our system (where campaign tracking was activated, and where users reported their industry) and calculated the average unique open rates, average unique click rates, average unique soft bounces, average unique hard bounces, and average unique abuse complaint rate by industry.

Whilst all of these tools offer solid e-marketing functionality, analytics and reporting, they do have different thresholds in terms of volume and pricing and therefore typical criteria for choosing which tool to use would be the size of your list, your growth plans and the number of emails you are likely to be sending.

Make the Email Open Rate Relative to Other Email Sends: You may not know what your true email open rate is, but you know what the relative email open rate between emails that you’ve sent is. If you sent an email on the first Friday of the month that got a 25% open rate and an email on the second Friday of the month that got a 10% open rate, then something that you did in the first email send was better.

Let’s stick with our email newsletter, and look at how these KPI’s can help us find shortcomings in our email marketing program, and pinpoint the areas where we can make data-informed decisions about copy, design, timing, segmentation, personalization, and all the other tactical areas of email marketing.

One difficulty that comes up when sending video in email is that people will probably only view an email once, and if they are in a place where they cannot watch the video, they won’t be able to really take part in it. Alternatively you may include a transcript of the video or summary below it if the video isn’t part of a larger post.

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for marketing your business today, but it’s evolving. Nel corso di questi anni, con la crescita esponenziale dell’uso degli smartphone, inviare newsletter responsive è diventato irrinunciabile, ma nel contempo farlo si è dimostrato un vero e proprio bagno di sangue: molti client di posta e sistemi webmail avevano – e in parte hanno tutt’ora – notevoli incompatibilità con l’uso moderno dei CSS.

As long as you are keeping track of your client’s most recent appointment times, this kind of automated reminder email is quite easy to set up. Use a custom date field to record when their last appointment time was, then set up the email to be sent 3 months later (or whatever your recurring schedule is) to remind them that they are due for their next appointment.

Even if your digital marketing agency is well established, should you be launching a new service, or opening an office in a new city, or taking on a new large client that will entail expanding your resources, you will want to roll right back to these basics for a sanity-check on doing smart business.

You’ll want to continuously evaluate your email marketing workflows to determine if you are sending the right number of emails in your drip campaign, are using the right cadence, or if there is a drop-off rate in the number of email opens or click-through rates for particular topics or individual emails.

Over the survey period, the companies whose email was included in the data set were found to have an average single open rate of 19.15%, with the top 25% of all emails achieving 27.45%, and the bottom 25% managing 14.8%. In comparison with these figures, the drip campaigns achieved an average single open rate of 32.85%, with the top 25% of all emails obtaining 49.75%, and even the bottom 25% receiving 28.3%.

Web Traffic – You should use campaign tagging with any links in your email newsletters that point to your website, so you can get a complete picture directly in Google Analytics (or whatever visitor tracking tool you use) of subscriber behavior once they click through from the email to your website.

Definition Of Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. The concept here is simple: When someone adds an item to their online shopping cart but leaves your site without completing the purchase, you can trigger an email workflow that reminds them of their forgotten purchase and motivates them to complete the transaction by offering a special discount code or some other incentive to buy.

If you’re using HubSpot’s Workflows App , for example, you can create personalized, automated email workflows that can get triggered in a number of different ways – when a contact gets added to a list, submits a form on your website, clicks a link in an email, views a page on your blog, clicks on one of your AdWords ads, or becomes a marketing qualified lead.

That data gives you important information that allows you to call on your marketing department to design campaigns that mirror those that were the most successful, since these are the campaigns that are most likely to help you not only meet your benchmark, but exceed it, setting new standards for your idea of success.

From eNewsletters, marketing automation, auto-responders, beautiful email templates, drag and drop email designer to social media monitoring, SMS marketing, CRM and custom forms for landing pages, ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive email marketing software made easy for marketers and small business owners.

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Beyond sending basic newsletters, the best email marketing services offer custom auto-responders , which help you stay in touch with your contacts with automatically generated emails based on special occasions (such as their birthday or anniversary), welcome emails for new subscribers, or thank you emails for recent purchases.